Talent Acquisition

We provide to our clients high quality services in executive search and contingent recruitment. We recruit Junior to C level professionals and we conduct our assignments with the same discretion and professionalism at every stage of the interview process. We have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best talents and we conduct face to face interviews as much as possible. Of the hundreds of applications, we receive for a job, typically fewer than 4% are accepted and sent to our clients.

Executive Search

We help organisations to build their senior leadership teams. Our consultants perform new and comprehensive research for each and every search assignment to ensure that we identify all potential candidates. We provide to our clients a detailed market mapping with the most suitable candidates. During the interview process, the consultants will assess for each candidates their skills, responsibilities, track record, potential and cultural attributes. We will provide detailed feedback to both clients and candidates through the process

Contingent Recruitment

We have a strong quality network and we nurture a large growing database of highly qualified candidates. We have also access to pools of talent that are not visible on social media or do not respond to recruitment advertising. This enables us to deliver quick results without compromising on quality.

Should you be interested in recruiting for your organization, we would be happy to assist:

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