Hire the best talent

We provide to our clients high quality services in executive search and contingent recruitment. We conduct our assignments with the same discretion and professionalism at every stage of the interview process. We have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best talents and we conduct face to face interviews as much as possible. Of the hundreds of applications, we receive for a job, typically fewer than 4% are accepted and sent to our clients.

Finding the right organizational strategy

Whether you are an established business or a new company we will provide bespoke solutions to structure your organization. A successful operating model will enable you to drive business success, ensure growth, scalability and long-term value.

Networking Services

Whether you want support running a project or are simply looking to outsource key tasks we will help you to find the right business partners, service provider or expert.

We provide assistance to:

  • Real estate organisations interested in finding the right operating partner, service provider or expert on a specific market.
  • Real estate investment company interested in finding specific opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in finding the right business partner.

Should you be interested in recruiting for your company, structuring your organization or networking services we will be happy to assist.

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