Career Coaching

We offer advice, guidance and counselling for a number of purposes, such as career starts, jobhunting, career changes, promotions, building career skills and professional development. Career paths are more complex than ever and individuals need to stay up to date with employment trends to best explore their options. Individuals will make several career decisions in a lifetime and must know what skills will be needed to meet market demands.

Industry Guidance

  • Career in real estate: we will help you to understand the career paths within the industry
  • Education: we will help you to find the right degree and certification
  • Skills Assessment: we will provide tools to identify career progression
  • Asset Classes, Strategies, Geography: we will provide support in choosing the right asset classes, understanding the investment strategies, choosing the right locations where to operate
  • Job Search: we provide advice for your job hunting
  • Company Cultural Fit: we will advise on companies that might suit you
  • Networking: we will help you to build a strong network
  • Compensation: we will provide salary benchmarks and tips

Resume & cover letter

  • CV Guidance: we will help you to build a robust CV
  • Cover Letter: we will help you to write a cover letter that helps you to stand out of the crowd

Interview preparation

  • Interview Guidance: we will help you to prepare and manage the interview process
  • Application Support: we will provide excel modelling tests, business cases and mock case study interviews

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